Connecting your products
& Shops

Empower your products and shops with connecting technologies
and use HGTag Platform to get the most out of them

Enhance the consumer experience

Use HGTag to deliver through your products and shops, exclusive, branded mobile content and enable new sales opportunities directly to consumers.

It is a new way of communicating with your customers
who will not need a mobile app


The New Communication Channel

Directly engages consumers as individuals by delivering strategic and relevant content through a dynamic digital experience.

Consumers launch the experience by scanning connecting technologies like QR and NFC installed on products or interactive location with their phones.


The New Sales Channel

Transform your product itself into a sales channel.

Consumers scan a connecting technology (like QR or NFC) in the product or interactive locations with their phone, launching a dynamic digital experience that encourages the sale, reorders, related purchases and resell opportunities.


Protect your brand

Don’t let counterfeits damage sales and your reputation.

Protect your consumers, brand and products with our secure packaging and product authentication solution. Consumers can authenticate and detect tampering only touching embeded NFC tag in the product with their phone

Bringing companies and costumer together


Create and non-disruptive media channel from existing form factors.


Improve customer experience by delivering personalized content and extend your relationship beyond the sale offering more to loyal buyers.


Tell your brand and product story, and engage consumers with elevated experiences that express your rich heritage.

Differentiate your brand

Stand out on crowded shelves and connect with consumers through smart packaging.

Laws and regulations

Avoid the noise and regulation of traditional channels.

Increase sales and lifetime value

New product commerce opportunites, creating a brand platform to grow post-purchase engagement and encourage direct sales.


Measure customer engagement before and after purchase.

Brand protection

Protect your brand and consumers againts ever-growing counterfeit market, and instill confidence in the automatically.

Connect your products

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